You struggle with releasing control…

You try so hard to keep it together – for yourself, and for everyone else around you – but you can feel yourself coming apart at the seems.

It’s almost like the harder you try, the less successful you feel…

Even after a night of sleep, you feel tired.

Even after a weekend away, you feel the need to escape.

Even after a conversation, you still feel lonely.

You know you need to make a change in your life, but at this point…

It’s hard to tell what you truly need. I get it. I have soooo been here…

At the end of my rope, trying my best to pretend it was all going “OKAY”… While on the inside, I was struggling to find a single answer.

Clinging to control made me feel like I could hold on for one second longer… and then another, and another…

Until one day I didn’t want to hold on anymore.

And so I let go. I surrendered into what my body was really asking for…

Deep rest.




And I found myself again. In the letting go, I came home to myself…

And Yoga Nidra brought me here.

My new membership, THE REST COLLECTIVE, is here to teach you how to let go in a safe and protected environment…

In this space you will be nurtured back to peace, and shown how to access a sense of surrender that you can’t currently access on your own.

We meet weekly on Zoom, during which I will guide you in a Yoga Nidra session, and you get access to the recordings so that you may return to this place as often as you wish/need/desire.

The link’s in my bio. Join us for a month, or join us for the full year!

Make peace your new normal.
With light,
Jenny, xx

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