Jenny is a mother, wife, fur mom, yoga teacher, spirit junkie, mentor, coach, humanitarian, lover of nature and crystal hoarder. She is a lifetime student bringing her vast wealth of knowledge to those in need of a deeper connection within themselves and the world around them. She is a visionary that honors the scared lineage and teaching of all that she shares and knows that true health and wealth in this world comes from inside. She helps busy women manage stress and create lasting calm through Ayurvedic practices so they can LIVE HAPPY.

Her work has emerged from years of following her soul. It has included many spiritual initiations, deep personal work, mentors and an impressive list of certifications. She believes our teachings can only take place as a result of the many devoted masters and practitioners who proceeded us and is a principle she is deeply rooted in. Jenny is extremely heart-led and taps into her inner knowing where is she able to open up and hold space for others to explore the depths of their souls and begin their healing journey.

Jenny has extensive knowledge of the sacred teachings for healing a society that has lost a large part of our history. She believes connecting people with the ancient healing arts will provide us with the opportunity to heal and shift the global consciousness.

Jenny offers many services that can be customized to one’s own personal journey, with an inept ability to guide you onto the right path in an almost flawless manner.

She has an amazing knack for creating harmony in mind, body and soul, holding space for people to be open to heal themselves through movement, balancing, and harmonizing the inner fluidity of life, love, and peace.

It is a truly unique experience for each and every client and incorporates the use of ancient Ayurveda, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Reiki, various modalities of Yoga, and healing crystals in your custom sessions to tap into the highest vibration of healing and love.

Sessions will leave you feeling lighter, aligned and reconnected with your true self.