How Ayurveda brought me back to living…

I shared last week what Ayurveda is but to really explain how passionate I am about it I wanted to share my personal story and how much it has helped me, my body, by business, my relationships, and my life. I found Ayurveda when I had lots going on but in a good way. I felt physically strong, and alive, I was on🔥. Fast forward a couple of years and my Ayurvedic Practitioner was kindly explaining that I was on the edge of a burn out (one that I could recover from but never 100%). I made some recommended changes but continue to ignore the signs my body was giving me (you know how that goes, first a pebble, then a rock, then a boulder and if needed the good old cosmic 2×4 over the head). Fast forward another 12 months of physical suffering I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which left me on daily meds and a weekly injection. The specialist talks about my stress as most of the inflammation in my body was due to chronic stress. A bit sad to say that to the co-owner of a yoga and wellness studio who was teaching upwards of 16 classes/wk. Interesting how we sometimes don’t live what we teach. I remember looking in the mirror one day and I looked so pale and exhausted. What happened to the girl years ago who was radiant and grounded. I then found my way back to Ayurveda and my practitioner and became the CEO of my life. I made simple, easy, changes in all areas and we designed an attainable wellness plan. My business partner and I also made changes in our business (we were both burnt out). My wellness plan had me rest, slow down and heal. I struggled with feeling like I was failing but I LISTENED to my body FIRST. It was hard but my whole body responded well. In a time of unbalance, Ayurveda connected me back to my true self and gave me tools to listen and heal. I now have a proactive holistic system of medicine that supports me through life’s ebbs and flows. If you had a chance to get back into balance how would you do it? 

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