One of my favorite morning must do’s

One of my usual Ayurvedic morning rituals is to start my day with a homemade soothing cup of hot lemon ginger and honey tea. It’s a delicious way to get straight in and cleanse your digestive system after resting overnight.  To make this simply grate or slice some fresh ginger, place it in your favorite mug, and cover with hot water. Squeeze in some fresh lemon or add a nice slice. Give it a stir. Allow the tea to sit for a couple of minutes, before adding raw honey (heating honey too high means losing many of its nutrients, hence using raw honey and adding once the tea is warm, and not hot). About as warm as your underarm😉😉  You can also add turmeric for its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

In truth I always follow up with a kick ass cup of coffee or chai☕️


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