How Ayurveda brought me back to living…

I shared last week what Ayurveda is but to really explain how passionate I am about it I wanted to share my personal story and how much it has helped me, my body, by business, my relationships, and my life. I found Ayurveda when I had lots going on but in a good way. I felt physically strong, and alive, I was on🔥. Fast forward a couple of years and my Ayurvedic Practitioner was kindly explaining that I was on the edge of a burn out (one that I could recover from but never 100%). I made some recommended changes but continue to ignore the signs my body was giving me (you know how that goes, first a pebble, then a rock, then a boulder and if needed the good old cosmic 2×4 over the head). Fast forward another 12 months of physical suffering I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which left me on daily meds and a weekly injection. The specialist talks about my stress as most of the inflammation in my body was due to chronic stress. A bit sad to say that to the co-owner of a yoga and wellness studio who was teaching upwards of 16 classes/wk. Interesting how we sometimes don’t live what we teach. I remember looking in the mirror one day and I looked so pale and exhausted. What happened to the girl years ago who was radiant and grounded. I then found my way back to Ayurveda and my practitioner and became the CEO of my life. I made simple, easy, changes in all areas and we designed an attainable wellness plan. My business partner and I also made changes in our business (we were both burnt out). My wellness plan had me rest, slow down and heal. I struggled with feeling like I was failing but I LISTENED to my body FIRST. It was hard but my whole body responded well. In a time of unbalance, Ayurveda connected me back to my true self and gave me tools to listen and heal. I now have a proactive holistic system of medicine that supports me through life’s ebbs and flows. If you had a chance to get back into balance how would you do it? 

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The Studio Collective

The beautiful collective team of ladies I work with at the studio and our story 💗

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That Yoga Spot began in 2015 when a mutual friend introduced Robyn and Jenny. They went for tea to discuss a common passion – yoga. Both had recently finished their teacher trainings and dreamed of opening a studio in the quaint town of Lac La Biche. That tea date was the birth of a beautiful friendship and business partnership founded on a love for yoga and a desire to share the practice with others. The two began teaching out of the Kinsmen Hall in Lac La Biche for nearly a year – with the love for teaching strong in their hearts they knew the next step was opening that studio they both dreamed of. January of 2017 saw the doors of That Yoga Spot’s original space open in downtown Lac La Biche – a community based yoga studio where everyone from babies to seniors could move mindfully and live authentically.

During the two and a half years at that studio the teaching team grew in the most beautiful way; Jenny and Robyn were so thrilled and grateful to be joined by three amazing women who shared that same love for mind-body connection through movement. The expansion of the teaching team – Tammy, Maggie-Lee and Christa felt meant to be and like a breath of fresh air. There is a beauty that comes from working as a collective – each bringing to the table their own unique style, method of practicing and teaching, and also each individual’s personality, which gives new life to any adventure. It offered freedom and opportunity to practice outside of one’s comfort zone, not only for the students of the studio, but for the instructors alike. The benefits of this new wellness collective venture led the five of us – Jenny, Robyn, Tammy, Maggie-Lee and Christa to start fresh in a beautiful new studio space that we all had a part in envisioning, designing, and bringing to life.

We, as a team, were so happy to open the new That Yoga Spot studio in August of 2019. We are all so proud of this new space, which definitely brings on all the zen feels we were going for! An intimate space that honours the advantage of smaller class sizes which allows the instructor to give increased focus and attention to each individual student’s needs and wants. It is a space where we want all to feel comfortable, safe, secure and at-home.

The That Yoga Spot teaching collective is so excited to bring you the new and improved That Yoga Spot – Suite #104, 10 Nipewon Road, Lac La Biche – a space of self-nourishment, community-connection and all around positive vibes in the beautiful town of Lac La Biche. A big THANK YOU to all who have supported us on this adventure!