Take A Step Towards Your Dream

Take The Step

Feb 26, 2016

When nothing is certain anything is possible.
Take a step towards your dreams as nothing cures fear faster than action.
What is your dream? I have dreams and I have taken steps towards them and yes FEAR is something I struggle with daily.  Can I?  Should I?  What will people say and think?  What if it doesn’t work….What if it DOES?  Hey it just could, right;)  We are capable of so much more then we know, we really are (this is one of my favorite sayings in my youth classes).

I try my best to take a step each day towards my goals and dreams and encourage you to also!

Don’t quit your day dream – Live your day dream


benefits of yoga

Happy Living Yoga-ImageFor me 2016 will be a year of building. I am excited to continue attending new yoga training and seminars to add to my current and future classes. The training I plan to take will help me bring more tools, new techniques and ideas to both my classes and myself. I am a true believer that one should always keep learning as it is an investment in your future and those around you. I have found that while we take classes to learn to teach we also teach to learn. I have learned so much from teaching and I am always learning from my students, teachers, and fellow practitioners as we are all unique and learn in different ways.

Another important part of my 2016 plan is to spread the benefits of yoga to friends, family, my community and anyone who is curious or interested. You can google “benefits of yoga” and the results are almost never ending. I believe that one of the basic benefits of yoga is the positive effect it has on people of all ages, no matter your ability, shape or size. Yoga can help you learn to control your breath, to calm your mind, unwind and relax. The connection of breath and movement in yoga is like a moving meditation for many. When you slow down, step onto your mat and breathe, your body and mind know what you need at that moment and you can be true to yourself. Some days you may feel ready for a more intense practice and other days you may need to be gentle with yourself. Yoga is a practice that allows you to be authentic and mindful of where you are at that present moment and be kind with yourself and your body.

The benefits are vast and some can be seen and felt almost immediately while others may be felt as your practice evolves. Yoga has so many benefits and I have lightly touched on some of the emotional benefits it can have. There are many physical benefits of yoga that I will discuss in a future post but for me personally the emotional benefits of yoga have led to the physical benefits. It was only when I learned to let go of all expectations and let myself be present in that hour that I began to feel the postures and movement of the practice. Yoga has and continues to enrich and transform my life and I truly am passionate about sharing this with others.

Thank you for joining me on my journey and I wish you a healthy, happy 2016 that is filled with peace, love and gratitude!

May the benefits of yoga strengthen both your mind, body, and soul!