Monthly Yoga Nidra – YES SLEEP YOGA

I’ve been SO grateful to be sharing Yoga Nidra on a regular basis and I am even more excited to offer a June Sunday Series full of benefits for your health and wellness.
This month you can join me from the comfort of your own home every Sunday evenings @8:30pm for a powerful holistic healing and peaceful practice that brings renewal, restoration, and rejuvenation to the whole body, mind, and soul.
This style of “sleep yoga” is guided by me and typically performed in the position of Savasana lying on your back with cushions and blankets for total comfort, support, and relaxation. Alternate postures are available and offered to meet your individual needs and help ensure maximum comfort. I invite you to dress for comfort (yes PJs are encouraged) and in layers and you can also use an eye pillow to cover the eyes. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If Yoga Nidra is new to you, I promise you no experience is necessary and everyone is welcome!
I invite you to join our community to explore and experience this life-changing practice of pure peace, calm and total wellness!
CLICK HERE to treat yourself to one of my favorite relaxation practices.
BONUS#1 – 1 HOUR of Yoga Nidra = 4 HOURS of Sleep!
BONUS#2 – all recordings will be emailed to you for future use


In Ayurveda, ahara, is the word for diet or nutrition, which refers not only to the food we eat but also to everything we ingest, including our experiences, emotions, sensory impressions, and ideas. Food is central to Ayurveda because what we put into our bodies ultimately builds our tissues and provides the fuel for life.  For this reason, Ayurveda favors ”super foods” that are full of vital life energy, or prana. The foods include vibrant organic fruits and vegetables, high quality grains and oils, and other whole foods. 

Ideal nutrition results from consuming a variety of fresh foods that are deliciously prepared served in small portions and eaten with awareness. Try eating for Balance, Vitality, and Joy