ll classes are taught at our beautiful new Yoga Studio located in Lac La Biche!

All levels, beginners welcome. Drop-In, Class Pass, and Registered Session friendly.

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That Yoga Thing…So, you’re considering trying yoga, eh?

Let me just say, yoga is the bees knees. Seriously, starting your practice is likely one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself! Considering the practice is the first step in what will become a beautiful journey towards self-love.

So what is it?

Yoga is unity of the body, mind and spirit. It is a practice that encourages the individual to reflect on what it means to live authentically and to embrace the meaningful place he/she holds in the universe. Through asana (the physical postures commonly observed in yoga classes), meditation, guided visualizations, pranayama (breathing techniques) and chanting, the practitioner learns to live mindfully in the present moment. In doing so one can greatly benefit their health, experience intrinsic happiness and potentially gravitate towards a life of contentment and liberation.

Sounds pretty awesome right!?

You bet it is.

Ready to start?

Whether you’re totally new to the practice, a previous practitioner looking to get back into yoga, a youth interested in trying asana or a seasoned yogi looking for expansion, we’ve got you covered. Our weekly schedule of 24 different classes offers something for everyone from prenatal to seniors. Find the class that resonates with you (class descriptions can be found within our online scheduler) and register online (easiest method if paying by credit) or contact Jenny and Robyn at We’ll get you set up before you can say…

“What will class be like!?”

When you arrive at the studio take your coat and shoes off at the door before stopping by the front desk to check in (and catch up) with Jenny and Robyn! Feel free to bring your own mat and props or head into the studio and borrow some of ours! If you’ve brought a purse with you feel free to leave it in the back lounge area. Please ensure cell phones are shut off. Find a spot in the room that feels good to you and roll your mat out. Class will begin momentarily, in the interim feel free to sit quietly, meditate, pre-stretch or catch up with class mates (as per the vibe of the studio and at the discretion of your instructor). When it’s time for the class to begin the instructor will lock the studio door to eliminate in-and-out door traffic during class. From there, all that’s left to do is listen to the instructors cues and enjoy your time breathing, moving and being at That Yoga Spot!


A few little things involving class etiquette…

* Please arrive 10 or so minutes before class to get settled into the space. Once the instructor locks the door and the class is in session it will not reopen until after the class ends.

* Classes are a time for inner introspection; this means talking generally waits until after class when we have the opportunity to enjoy a tea together! There are always exceptions to this guideline at the discretion of your instructor (for example, workshopping a pose or discussing yogic philosophy).

*If you need to use the washroom at any point throughout class (hey, it happens) please do, no need to ask!

*Food and drink is not permitted in the studio with the exception of a closed lid waterbottle containing only H20.

*Don’t skip savasana (the blissfully awesome final pose of your practice where lying in stillness allows you to integrate the workings of your time in studio)! This is an essential part of the practice of yoga.

Got more questions?

No problem! We’re happy to help in anyway we can, including answering any and all of your inquiries! Contact Jenny and Robyn by emailing

See you on the mat!